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What is the Keshet Community?

Our Keshet Community of doTERRA Wellness Advocates can’t wait to meet you! Our team’s passion is to empower you to reach your wellness goals through experience with, and education on, doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and supplements. We know, from research and personal experience, that essential oils are a must-have in the wellness “toolbox.” They work together with other choices that help us “live younger longer” including movement, healthy eating, meditation, journaling, hobbies, community connection, authentic relationships, and more! 

Keshet is the Hebrew word for Rainbow. A rainbow symbolizes hope, connection, and promise for a brighter future! It is also in the shape of an arc, which hovers over us, protective and inclusive. We incorporated hexagons into our logo because a rainbow is also created when light hits a prism; the light is bent and comes out the other side changed – single white light becomes a rainbow. We’re like that too – we work as a team and support each other and our customers, but also have our beautiful individualities.

Who is Keshet?

  • There’s me, Rachel Selk with Rachel Selk Wellness
  • Soultry Sisters (Alyssa and Toni Junious)
  • Plant Magyk (Angela Lapin)
  • Healthy Spirit, Healthy Body  (Sigal Kahn)
  • Also, Dominic Orozco, Audrey Oberman, Martha Beals and more!
Any of us would love to be your “oil person,” and help you get started with essential oils! 
The beauty is that you can learn and interact with any and all of us!

Are you exploring income opportunities and this resonates with you? Maybe you will be the next member of our Keshet Community!  If you are truly willing to learn, ask questions, make mistakes, be ok with not knowing it, and DO THE WORK you can succeed in this business. The training and resources and mentorship are here waiting for you. Our community, and doTERRA, are focused on learning about and taking care of ourselves, others, the world around us, and giving back! 

What’s the first step? Sign up with a wholesale account and just start using and learning about the products. Click Get Oils and reach out with questions.

Why this is an awesome opportunity:

1. Work from anywhere

2. Change people’s lives for the better

3. Change your life for the better

4. Be part of a supportive community

5. Grow at the speed you want

6. Grow as big as you want

7. Have fun!

Whatever your goals, this business gives you the freedom to go for them while being backed up by our incredibly supportive community. Email for more information.