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This is the culture and mission of doTERRA. Quality matters. Environmental practices matter. Social justice matters. Building community matters. Giving back matters.

Our oils are unadulterated (no fillers or synthetics) and have no contaminants (pesticides, added chemicals).

Our purity is tested by third party testers (APRC) and results available to you! No other oil company provides this data (

So what?  Consistent, safe, results – that’s what!


You definitely want to get your doTERRA oils wholesale! This is kind of like having a Costco card, where you have an annual membership that gives you access to their great products at the best prices. With doTERRA, having a wholesale membership allows you to buy at 25% below the retail price.

The smartest way to purchase, and the only way I buy my oils, is BELOW wholesale. doTERRA puts kits together are cheaper than if you bought the oils individually at wholesale prices!

All the kits include a free wholesale membership, and you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. See below or check out all the kits HERE.

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Email me if you need help during the process.
You’ll receive immediate confirmation of your purchase and a Welcome mail from me within 48 hours!

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Save money 💵! 

Amazing oils 💧! 

Membership with wholesale prices for a full year 💵!

Personalized wellness consult 💁🏼! 

Ongoing education and support from me and my team 👩🏼‍🏫!

Questions? Need advice on the best way for YOU to get started? We will match YOUR health goals with your budget Email me! I’ll get back to you ASAP during business hours.