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My job? Simple. Help you decide the best way to get started and then walk with you every step of the way.


What do people say?

My daughter (age 4) battled sinus infections for about 2 years. Recently she finished the meds and we waited to see if the infection would come back. Of course it did. I emailed her Doctor and she recommended eucalyptus oil! I saw that the Respiratory Blend has eucalyptus oil in it. So I borrowed some, and a diffuser, from a friend and tried it. It’s been like night and day. I am amazed at the change. All the congestion, coughing, swelling around her eyes is GONE! It’s funny because I was a super non-believer in this stuff. And then I tried it and it worked!
Lynn T
Mom & Pre-School Teacher
With diffusers in each of our classrooms, from infant to Pre-K, the feedback from the parents has been entirely positive!
Cathy G
Pre-School Director
My boys ask for their oils every night before going to bed! It is a wonderful part of our bedtime routine now.
Carin S
Single Mom of 2 boys (8 & 10)
My sleep is so much better since I started using these wonderful oils. Rachel is an incredible resource!
Lynda K
Retired School Teacher
Rachel really knows her stuff. She is kind and loves to share her knowledge with others. I also love when she comes into town and gives us tips and classes- keeps us on track and thinking of the ways we can use our oils that we hadn't thought of!!
Alisa B

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