Elevate Your Well-Being with Holistic Health Coaching

You can feel better. You don't have to "live with it."

I specialize in guiding women through the complexities of achieving a balanced, healthier life. Whether you're battling stress, seeking to improve your diet, or longing for a deeper connection with nature, my approach is designed to address your unique challenges head-on.

Personalized Wellness Plans

Expert Guidance in Natural Health

Community and Connection

Feel Caught in a Cycle of Health Challenges and Conventional Solutions That Don’t Work?

Imagine feeling like you're trapped in a maze, where every turn you take leads you back to the start. Each attempt to find a way out seems to only deepen your frustration, dimming the vision of the life you aspire to lead, straining relationships, and clouding your true potential behind seemingly insurmountable walls of health challenges.

Rachel Selk offers you a guiding light.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Reverting to unhealthy habits despite countless attempts to break free
A constant battle with low energy or motivation, keeping you from living fully
Strained interactions with loved ones due to ongoing health frustrations
Feeling directionless, unable to tap into your true capabilities
Paralysis by analysis when faced with health decisions, leaving you stagnant

Every Sunrise Should Bring New Hope, Not Reminders of Unresolved Health Puzzles

One Life, Enriched With Natural Wellness – Let Me Guide You to It

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Your life's moments are invaluable, but obstacles can obscure the view, making progress seem just out of reach.

This is where my experience & expertise shines.

With a deep understanding of natural wellness and a dedication to personalized care, I guide you through obstacles. Helping you overcome health hurdles and rediscover the joy that life has to offer.

Premier Holisting Health Coaching

My journey into holistic health began out of necessity, facing my own health challenges with conventional methods that fell short. Through my exploration into natural remedies and holistic practices, I discovered a new way to help other women: empowering them to combine holistic health methods with their other medical strategies.

Facing health challenges can be daunting. We all experience moments of doubt and feel stuck at times. My own journey taught me the importance of support and guidance from someone who's walked a similar path.

Today, I help individuals navigate their health challenges with natural, personalized strategies through online or in-person coaching. Let's take the first step together.

I look forward to finding solutions together.

Rachel Selk


Transform Your Health Naturally. Embrace Life with Confidence.


Start the Conversation

Share your health challenges and dreams with me. Together, we'll design a strategy for finding solutions.


Tailored Guidance

I'll share natural solutions and help you address the root causes of your health challenges.


Step into Your Potential

Break free from the shackles of health concerns and uncertainty. With my support, uncover a vibrant life aligned with your natural wellness goals.


Move Beyond Health Challenges. Start Living with Natural Vitality.

What My Clients Are Saying

"First I want to say how wonderful it is to have your support. To know someone has my back and can objectively research health issues is amazing. It’s exhausting to not have answers and get caught going down rabbit holes."

Bonnie K.

Don't Let Health Hurdles Keep You Down. Create a Plan That Celebrates Your Individuality

With Rachel, a one-size-fits-all approach is a thing of the past. She works intimately with you to understand your unique health profile and aspirations, crafting a wellness strategy that's as individual as you are. Believe in change, because it's waiting just around the corner.